Started in 2017, WatchdogID aims to be a leader in identity protection services for consumers, businesses, and affiliates. With the amount of data in digital fingerprints growing exponentially, identity theft is an ever-more lucrative endeavor for savvy (and not-so-savvy) thieves.

We will develop products to protect our subscribers from these threats. By utilizing untapped sources, data science, and cutting-edge technology, WatchdogID will lead the way in fraud and identity threat detection, data breach prevention, remediation, and privacy production. We’re committed to providing our subscribers with peace of mind and security in our increasingly threatening online world.

Our Products

WatchdogID is, at its core, an identity protection service to detect and alert to identity-related incidents and help address these incidents on behalf of our subscribers. By proactively monitoring for these incidents, we can provide quick alerts and get the remediation process started as soon as possible.

Our Mission

The research and development we do and the products we make here at WatchdogID is ultimately in pursuit of our mission: to provide a safe and secure environment free of the threats to identities and privacy through education and technology. To this end, we will always have the privacy and security of our subscribers and customers in mind.

About Bibwell

WatchdogID is a subsidiary of Bibwell, a company with headquarters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Bibwell is a technology company creating products to help its customers easily with the aid of technology.