Organization Member Benefits

Provide members with a relevant and affordable benefit of your organization. Offering identity protection to your members is easy!

Why add us as a membership benefit?

Member Happiness

Members can feel happier knowing their identity is protected by a benefit from an organization they’re a part of.

Charitable Contributions

We’ll donate to your organization (or,┬áif you aren’t a 501(c)(3), a charity of your choice) for each member that subscribes.

Add-on or Included

You get to choose if a subscription is included in your membership fee or if the member can add it on and pay for it themselves.

How It Works


Choose A Plan

Choose what subscription plans you’d like to offer to your members. (You can offer just one or all of them.)


Account Setup

Contact an account executive to get your account setup. We’ll give your organization a landing page just for your members to sign up!


Get Enrollment Codes

If a subscription is included in the membership, you’ll receive an enrollment code to give to each member who gets a subscription and they’ll sign up at your landing page. Otherwise, it’s up you to send members to your landing page to sign up.

Contact an Account Executive

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