Employee Benefits

Provide employees with a relevant and affordable benefit and help secure your company from distractions caused by identity theft worries. Offering identity theft protection as part of your benefits package has never been easier.

Why add us to your benefits portfolio?

Employee Happiness

Employees can feel happier knowing their identity is protected. You reap the reward of a happy employee.

Non-Taxable Deduction

You can offer WatchdogID as a non-taxable and affordable benefit deducted straight from your employee’s paycheck.

Attract Top Talent

As a voluntary or paid benefit, you can attract the best of the best by offering a relevant, affordable, and necessary benefit.

How It Works


Choose A Plan

Choose what subscription plans you’d like to offer to your employees. (You can offer just one or all of them.)


Account Setup

Contact an account executive to get your account setup. We’ll give your company a landing page just for your employees to sign up!


Get Enrollment Codes

You’ll receive an enrollment code to give to each employee who gets a subscription and they’ll sign up at your landing page. You get to decide how your employees pay and enrolled.


Monthly Billing

Your credit card on file will be billed each month for each employee with a subscription.

Contact an Account Executive

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