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WatchdogID is a new way to monitor your identity and keep your private information secure. Unlike other services that look for identity theft after it happens, we go straight to the source and look for your information. We allow you to react quickly when your information is found online so you can take steps to protect your identity before it is even stolen.

While other services focus on less sensitive information like e-mail addresses and names, WatchdogID prioritizes your most sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, drivers licenses, passports, bank accounts, and credit cards. This is the information that, when exposed, leaves you at your most vulnerable.

This isn't the type of information that you should trust everyone with. We are a familiar company in Tuscaloosa trusted by our customers, their employees, and friends. You can rest easy knowing the data you give us is safe and protected.

Why WatchdogID

It's a simple, affordable service. But what makes us so special?

Identity theft affected 15.4m people last year.

Don't let 2018 be the year identity theft affects you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find information?

WatchdogID searches on the deep web communities where personal data is often bought and sold as well as other sources.

Is my information protected with WatchdogID?

Yes! Our databases are stored with encryption and our network is hardened against attacks.

Who is behind WatchdogID?

WatchdogID is a service provided by Zentek, a technology company in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

What kind of information do you search for?

All manner of sensitive information about you including your Social Security Number, bank accounts, and credit cards.

How much does WatchdogID cost?

Our subscription fee is $7/month/identity.

Can I use more than one person's information on my identity?

No, each person requires a separate identity. However, additional identies are only $5/month.

Why do you charge for WatchdogID?

Your subscription fees pay for research, equipment to house that information securely, and security to keep your information safe.

Do you monitor my credit reports?

No. We investigate data found on the deep web for your information.

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